The Reverend Mother – or why every nursery worker should receive a free margarita after church

mosaic of motherhood

Today’s motherhood story comes to us from Nikki Collins MacMillan. Nikki and I met during our seminary days, and since we are both Georgia girls, we had the grace of reconnecting and staying close all these years later. I cannot … Continue reading

The Personal Is Political: Feminist Mothering

mosaic of motherhood

Today’s Mosaic of Motherhood offering comes from Erika Marksbury. I became acquainted with Erika through the cooperative blog project Practicing Families, which aims at helping parents incorporate spirituality into their family life. Erika is an editor for the blog and … Continue reading

Words for My Daughter On How To Be Still

Guest post from Monica Stevens

Today’s guest post comes from a real life church friend and fellow blogger, Monica Stevens-Kirby. I had the privileged of meeting Monica not too long before she gave birth to her daughter. It has been beautiful to see how being … Continue reading