Upcoming Goodness

Hello, dear ones. Sorry for the lack of a blog last week. I am recovering from the ever-spreading flu (don’t worry, you can’t catch it over the internet.) I am making…

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Lent: letting go

Lent: Letting Go

I haven’t written much on the blog about Lent this year. It is not because it is not on my mind. In fact, I’ve been writing about it elsewhere everyday…

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Lenten Traditions With Kids

Lent can be a hard time for Christian parents to share their faith practices with their kids. After all, Lent is so . . . well, dark. We start the…

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lent obervances

Family Lent Observances

We are a week and a half into our observance of the season of Lent, so I thought I’d share some practices that are working with my family and see…

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Ash Wednesday: On Limits

Ash Wednesday could possibly be my favorite day of the year. It is an odd preference, I know. Easter is lovely with all its joy and pageantry, but there is…

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