mother in grace

Steel Magnolia: Mother In Grace

Our Motherhood guest post today comes from my dear friend Tara. Watching Tara launch her blog, I Might Need a Nap is actually what gave me courage to start my…

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mosaic of motherhood

I Hate Mother’s Day

Today’s guest post in the Mosaic of Motherhood series comes from Amy Yoder McGloughlin. Amy and I “met” as contributing writers to the Practicing Families blog, a collaborative blog dedicated to…

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Lent: letting go

Lent: Letting Go

I haven’t written much on the blog about Lent this year. It is not because it is not on my mind. In fact, I’ve been writing about it elsewhere everyday…

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My Little Brother: A Guest Post

I am privileged to share with you a guest post by my friend and mentor, Dr. Catherine Meeks. Dr. Meeks has been working for racial reconciliation longer that I have been alive. During…

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