Anxiety and Mindfulness Classes

Ours is overly stimulated, overly stressed world. We reap the benefits of this stress with anxiety, insomnia, and a host of health problems. But there is another way. I would love to share my best anxiety reducing techniques with you Learn breathing practices, mindfulness techniques, simple yoga moves, and relaxation exercises that are proven to reduce negative effects of stress and promote health, productivity, and well-being. Contact me at denahobbs@cox.net  or visit Eventbrite for more information.



I would love to come to your women’s group or event and speak about Advent, spirituality and parenting, and how to maintain our center in this often busy, sometimes frenzied life. We’ll breathe, we’ll laugh, we’ll share a healing story or two.  Contact me at denahobbs@cox.net for more information.


Before I loved to write, I loved to preach.  In fact, I still love to share the word through preaching even though I no longer pastor a church.  If you are looking for someone to fill your pulpit one Sunday, whether it be in your absence or just to give yourself a change from talking to listening, then I’d love to come worship and explore God’s word with you.  Whether you follow the lectionary or are looking for someone to speak on a certain topic one week, I’d be happy to talk about the possibilities with you.  Contact me at denahobbs@cox.net.

And dear pastor friends, you have my heart for all that you do each day.  Know that you are in my prayers.

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