When You Need to Take a Break From the News: How Sensitive Souls Deal With Tragedy

what I want for Christmas

I have been very tired this week. At first I thought I was coming down with something. Or that I was fighting off a virus but not actually getting visibly sick. Finally, I realized that I was grieving. Waking up … Continue reading

Anticipatory Anxiety: The Art of Freaking Out Ahead of Time, Just in Case

I am a thorough person. Especially when it comes to my anxiety. So when a bad thing that may or may not happen looms in the future, I go ahead and get super anxious, just to cover my bases. You … Continue reading

Practicing Mindfulness in Hard Times: Don’t Fight the Cone

My precious hound dog had surgery last week. He had this growth on his chest that looked a lot like skin cancer. The bad kind of skin cancer at that. My husband and I thought it looked cancerous. The vet … Continue reading