Welcome to Centering Down!

Come on over and join us on the bench as we pause for a moment, catch our breath, and listen for what Life might have to say to us today.

If you are like me, your days can be a frenzied blur of commitments, ranging from menial tasks to our greatest joys. If  we are not careful, life can move so fast that we begin to miss the good at the cost of the urgent.  Join me as I search for balance in a busy life and seek to find that still center that helps anchor me in the craziest of days. Sometimes if we are lucky, even in the midst of  the busiest or even most trivial days this Light from the center will begin to shine on our lives so we see that all of our moments can become doorways to  joy, beauty, and meaning if we are mindful of them.

My own journey began as a United Methodist minister, which was a wonderful six years of sharing God’s word and love with others. However, most of the time I worked in the church I felt like a bit of a stressed out mess. I struggled to find balance and rest in the overwhelming busyness of my days.

After getting two kids under two years of age in two months (one by adoption and one by birth), life got so stressful for us that I realized I needed to make a change. After a lot of prayer, I decided to leave parish ministry to be a stay-at-home mom. Now, the mommy life has a frenzy of its own, but in it I also found a freedom of time and opportunity as well. After years of practicing and loving yoga, I took the leap to complete a yoga teacher training course so that I could share this gift that brings me relaxation, focus, and strength with others.

Lucydog braving two toddlers less than two years apart

Lucydog braving two toddlers less than two years apart

As happens with all children, my two are growing up. These days I spend my free time pursuing a career in writing and teaching anxiety relief and mindfulness techniques with my husband. However there is still plenty of time spent with the kiddos running to sports practices, checking homework and playing together. It makes for a lot of juggling, but also a lot of joy. There are a lot of days when I drop a ball and or get out of whack, but I’m learning to give myself and others grace.

For this life is too beautiful to go through distracted and rushed, and too brief to beat ourselves up. So I try to pay attention, to see the sacraments God breaks open and offers us each day. If you too are trying to find your center in this beautiful but increasingly busy world, lets share our stories and experiences together.   I’ll be writing a couple of times a week.  You can receive each blog post in your e-mail account by hitting the subscribe button above on the right.  Or you can like Centering Down on Facebook or follow me on Twitter at DenaDHobbs.  Thanks for reading and know that your feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Our stories are one of the most sacred gifts we can share, so your will be honored as such.



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