Welcome Friends!

Come on in, take a breath, and find a safe place to restore your weary soul.


Let me introduce myself. I am a middle aged, work-from-home wife and mom. More accurately I am a 40 something who feels alternately 20 something or 60 something depending on the day. Every morning I have to remind myself it is not okay to drive my kids to school in pajamas. You will often find me in a ponytail and no make-up making sweet small talk with the elderly people in the line in front of me at the grocery store because life is short and you might as well be kind. I write like my soul depends on it during the day, help with homework and watch Netflix with my husband and kids in the evening, and then eat chocolate and read until late into the night.  

I am also a woman who for years was a stressed out, burned out, anxious mess. Now I am a woman who seeks to live a life that can be fully and deeply lived.

I grew up in the church and served as a pastor for several years.  But receiving two children into my life in the span of one month (hello unexpected pregnancy during an international adoption), I made the tough choice to leave parish ministry. This big move led to many other unexpected changes. 

  • I began to give up perfectionism and accept grace.
  • I began to choose simplicity over frenzy.
  • I began to seek treatment for the anxiety and depression that had followed me all my life. 
  • I began trying to be fully alive and fully present in each moment of my life.
I am still a bit of a mess most days, but I am enjoying the journey to restore my own soul and am honored to walk alongside others who are seeking a calmer, more grace-filled center in the midst of the beautiful chaos of life.

One of the great joys in my life is that I get to do life and ministry with this guy.

When Jason and I met in college, we both sensed that in addition to developing a romantic relationship, we were also developing a common call. We wrote papers and ate pizza together while we both completed our MDiv degrees and Jason obtained his masters in social work. Then we wrote sermons together while we served as a clergy couple in the United Methodist Church. 

Now we have written a book together, When Anxiety Strikes: Help and Hope for Managing Your Storm. Jason and I also teach Calming the Storms course on managing anxiety from spiritual and therapeutic perspectives.

Most days Jason treats folks young and old in his private mental health practice and I write, shuttle kids, and put dinner on the table. But more and more we are finding time to teach classes and lead retreats on anxiety, mindfulness, and spirituality. If you are interested in having us come and speak to your group, please contact me.

Thanks for finding me. I hope together we can restore our souls and bring beauty and kindness into this messy, wonderful world.