Book Review: There's a God in My Closet

I recently had the opportunity to read and review There’s a God in My Closet by Ben DeLong.

Being a new author myself, I always love to read and support other first time authors. This reading was no exception.
As a campus minister, I often meet young people who are questioning the specific faith traditions with which they were raised. The college years are a great time to take the faith your parents handed you and make it your own. In many cases, this is a fairly easy transition with some tweaks and modifications made along the way.
And then there are the young people who have been raised with a faith that scarred them. I have shed tears with too many students whose faith communities filled them with fear and shame.
It is painful to watch these souls question themselves, then God, and then finally the faith community that fed them a toxic faith. The journey to deconstruct what was hurtful and find what heals can be long and difficult.
This is why DeLong’s book brings me joy. Those having a crisis of faith now have a new companion on their hard journey. They can read an authentic account of someone who did the hard work of faith reconstruction and made it to the other side. DeLong is vulnerable with readers about the dark valleys he traveled while letting go of a faith that was based on judgement and fear. He also brings hope through his newfound connection with a God who comes to us not in judgment, but with a love that is abundant and everlasting.
I also appreciated DeLong’s study of Scripture and theological reflections throughout his work.
Many thanks to Ben DeLong for sharing of himself and his journey so others can find their way into a relationship with a loving God and regrow a faith that brings life.
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