A Gift for You

you, dear readers, a gift. Here you go:     Yeah, this guy. Not only is he my husband of (almost) 23 years, but he is my favorite collaborator. For as long as we have known each other we have been reading books together, bouncing ideas off each other, and critiquing each other’s writing.

So this year, at the suggestion of our agent, we got married in a new way.

We joined our writing together on one website so folks that read my work have easy access to Jason’s work and folks that read Jason regularly can see my writing too. But I gotta tell you, I think you guys are getting the better half of this deal cause my husband can sure write. He is wise and kind and funny and all the things you want in a favorite author. So, click on over to his half of the website and look around. Don’t forget to download his e-book:   After 15 years in private practice, Jason realized a lot of people have the same issues. And that some of these issues can be improved by following a few sage pieces of advice The nuggets in this book would be especially helpful for folks struggling with anxiety and depression, but honestly pieces like “Do Unto Yourself as You Do for Others” are something all of us could read every day and get something out of. So here you go friends. Enjoy the writing of my favorite author, best friend, and soul mate. And you’re welcome.      ]]>

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