Free Family Advent Devotional

The result is a family advent devotional that is 100 times better and cuter than the original and maybe the thing I am most proud of sending out into the world. [caption id="attachment_6571" align="alignnone" width="4592"]SONY DSC SONY DSC[/caption] SONY DSC And another cool thing? We decided to make it FREE! Because we both love Advent and are passionate about helping families celebrate their faith right at home around the kitchen table. How does one get this ADORABLE, SWEET Devotional you ask? Easy peasy. Go to the home page of this website and enter your email in the pop-up for the advent devotional. A PDF will soon arrive in your inbox that you can download and print for your personal use. And I promise (and Jenn on her site promises) to respect your email and never ever spam you with ridiculous things. Only the best we have to offer in future projects. So if you have children in your life or know of someone who has children in their life or are a kid at heart, I sincerely hope you will check out this resource. And that it will be a blessing to you. December can get a bit crazy sometimes. It helps to have a ritual to ground you and remind you of why this month is a time like no other. So Advent blessings friends! And happy coloring!      ]]>

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