Something Exciting Is Coming Around the Bend

Happy Second Day of Easter! Yes, like Christmas, Easter technically lasts for more than one day. In fact, there are 50 days of Easter. So if like me you didn’t get any cute matchy pictures of your family on Easter Sunday, Relax! You have 48 more days to take Easter pictures. Or also like me you can go buy discount chocolate at the store and have one piece a day for 50 days. You do you. Eastertide is easily one of my favorite times of the year. Combine the joyful hymns of celebration with the greening of our world and I get all giddy inside. This year there are all kind of new opportunities popping up in my life that make things feel extra Eastery. And the time has come when I get to share one of the new opportunities with you.

An in-real-life event for women, held in the beautiful Southeastern United States.

An event designed to bring rest and restoration, to build community, and foster spiritual growth. As much as I would love to invite you ALL to be at this event, the lovely location will only comfortably hold 20 people. Since space is so limited, I have decided to share the details with the folks that receive my monthly newsletter first. If you want to be one of those someones who get a weeks worth of a heads up to Save the Date and even reserve your spot for this event, go ahead and enter your email in the box at the very top or very bottom of the page. Not the subscribe box on the right, but this maroon strip here. The April “Sneak-A-Peak” newsletter will go out Thursday morning, so if you don’t see it in your inbox, maybe check your spam folder to make sure it gets through. Again, I am super excited to spend time face to face with some of you. Good things are coming!



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