New Year, New Blog

  I am so excited to ring in 2018 with an updated blog! denadouglashobbstextlogoplaylist cropped-IMG_0759.jpg I am excited that the blog not only has a snazzy new look and tagline, but also that it has some new features that will help me better connect with and serve you, dear readers. Newsletter One of the big changes on the blog is that I will be sending out a monthly newsletter. This little email will be packed full of goodness to encourage and restore your soul. Each newsletter will include some helpful thoughts to keep you calm and centered in the coming month, a short video teaching you a relaxation technique or spiritual practice, a sermon nugget that you can use in your own teaching and preaching, as well as a gift of beauty to keep you going on the hard days. Go ahead and Click on the subscribe button at the very top or bottom of the blog so you don’t miss out on a single month! Podcast One of my goals in 2018 is to begin a podcast. I have some ideas for the content, but I would love your feedback as well. Click on over to the blog Facebook page at Dena Douglas Hobbs and let me know what you would love to hear from me. Sermons Some of you are preachers and teachers at churches and some of you just like to read a good sermon. Whether you are looking for personal nourishment or an idea for your own ministry use, head on over to my collection of sermons and have a look around. Thank You Many people have helped with the blog’s upgrade and for that I am super grateful. A huge thank you to Victoria Hawkins who designed the blog’s new look. A special thanks to Luke at Luke Usry Photography for being patient with a lady who is scared of the camera and making me look good. Thanks to all the friends who gave feedback and support during the changeover. Giveaway And most of all, thank you dear readers for taking your time to find this blog and read these words. As a part of my gratitude I am doing a new blog celebration giveaway. Head over to the blog Facebook page or Instagram and comment that you have subscribed to the newsletter or shared the blog with a friend and you will be entered to win a 2018 calendar made by Jenn Tucker at Little House Studio. Winners of this calendar with be simultaneously organized and inspired! Many wished for a grace-filled 2018. I look forward to walking through the year together.]]>

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