Mind Your Words

Practicing Families

~ by Dena Hobbs

Smiling girl closing her mouth with her hand

My daughter came to us from China at 13 months old not speaking a word of English. My husband stayed at home with her during her first year in our family and her language bloomed under his care. I stayed at home with her during her second year with us, and her language, well let’s just say it expanded in new ways.

There is an often told story regarding an evening at dinner with my parents during this time period. We were at a restaurant that gave children crayons and coloring sheets to keep them entertained. My daughter was busy scribbling away until she accidentally dropped her crayon on the floor. Without missing a beat she exclaimed, “Aw shit” in my own southern drawl. I just stared at my plate while all eyes glared at me. There was no doubt where her new choice of words…

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