The Difference Between Pain and Suffering

So, i took the summer off from blogging (more on that later). But when I came back to check on things at Centering Down, I was surprised that in my absence this little post was read around thirty times each day by folks all over the world. So as I re-enter the blogosphere for another year (Happy Second Blogoversary to me), I thought I would re-share what has obviously resonated with many. I hope that you enjoy. And though I hope your day is good, even if it is painful remember you have the choice to still be present in that pain and accept it for what it is. This simple tactic has made a huge difference in my life and I hope it will bless you as well.

All the best,

Centering Down

Pain is probably one of our most universal experiences. We feel it when we are born. We feel it when we die. We feel it countless times throughout our lifetime in a spectrum of different ways.





But does pain necessarily equal suffering?

As I’ve written recently, I’ve been laid up a bit these past few weeks with a bad neck and a resulting flare up of my panic/anxiety issues. I think is is safe to say that some days there was both pain and suffering present as I was laid out on the sofa.

Not only was I hurting and unable to do what I wanted to do, but I was frequently thinking about how frustrated I was that I was hurting and unable to live my normal life. Not only would I think about it, but I would share my worries and complaints with whoever…

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