Enhancement with WMAZ and Cake Decorating

So my daughter has started blogging. If you love cupcakes, or have a kid in your life that does, you are in for a treat!

A Liblou Life

At Enhancement (our school’s summer camp) one of my classes is Broadcast Journalism. This class is all about becoming a journalist, so we had to do a lot of interviews. For our field trip in this class (not every class does one) we went to WMAZ. It was so cool and very fun.

First we got to meet the meteorologist, Olivia. Olivia was the person that showed us everything. We also got to meet Sheera Polemen who is a lady that speaks and tells us the stories. Sheera said that whenever she messes up she just keeps going like she was supposed to. We actually got to sit at the anchor desk, and pretend to read a story!

We got to see where all of the people go to write the stories, but most of the people were out filming the next story. Olivia showed us what it was like…

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