Stitch Fix: #2

I got my second Stitch Fix this week!  I was greatly looking forward to it as I had requested a dress for my niece’s upcoming wedding this summer in my note to my stylist. I am so excited about the wedding and wanted to have something nice for the occasion. First, let me say it is just fun to see the adorable box sitting on my front doorstep and know there is something inside just for me (besides books). I guess there is a little girl in each of us that still likes to get pretty presents now and again. Inside my box were five items.  A pair of navy skinny jeans. Two summer tops.  And the two of the wedding appropriate dresses I had requested. I started with the dresses. One was a classy purple number and the other was a fun, swingy blue print dress. stitch fix #2stitch fix The purple dress was pretty and just right for the wedding. I liked that the blue print dress could be dressed up or down (and that it had a twirly skirt!). However, the major problem was that neither one of them fit (they are not zipped up in the back). Since I am not into corsets, I sent them both back. Let me say right now the misfit of the dresses is my fault. I have gained a few pounds over the last few months what with all the Easter candy and going off Paleo since I got my braces. When my stylist checked in with me one last time before she started putting together my outfits and asked if there were any last minute details, I should have told her of my five (or ten) extra pounds. Honestly, I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference since my own clothes still fit. But since the dresses were both very fitted, IT MATTERED. After I moved on from my dress disappointment, I tried on the rest of my clothes. The skinny jeans were also a little tight, but the tops fit just fine. I especially appreciated that one of the tops went with the items from my last fix. I don’t know if this is because I had the same stylist and she remembered or just luck.     [caption id="attachment_1974" align="aligncenter" width="560"]stitch fix #2 breezy summer top with some jeans and a sweater I already owned.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_1975" align="aligncenter" width="560"]stitch fix #2 Grey striped top coordinated with last month’s jacket and pants. Also, big thanks to my tween daughter who taught me how to take a selfie in a mirror and then proceeded to style me and hold a fashion shoot. Love you![/caption] In the end I sent the pants back. See Emily Freeman’s advice on life being too short to wear uncomfortable pants. However, I kept the tops and look forward to wearing them for both professional and date night events. Since you get your money back for unwanted items (unless you return everything, then there is a $20 stylist fee), I still feel like I made out okay. My biggest lesson in this stitch fix is that I need to be as honest with my stylist as I can. In my review of the fix I mentioned some of the items didn’t fit because of weight gain. I might could have asked my stylist to send me another dress (or the same dress in a bigger size), but I happened upon a nice dress in a thrift store recently so the wedding outfit dilemma is otherwise handled. Since returning my fix, I updated my style profile to reflect my size change and switched a few other preferences I had more clarity on after a couple of fixes. I also wrote as much detail as I could to my stylist on why I was returning my items. I have enough skinny jeans. Not only were the dresses too small, but I prefer my dresses and skirts to fall below my knees as I don’t like the way my legs look in shorter cuts. The more honest and detailed I am, the better they can serve me. I also plan to do some more pinning to my style Pinterest board, which they say helps. So, even though this fix was only 50/50, I still have another fix scheduled in a few months which I look forward to receiving. This time, I will make sure to respond to that last minute question with updates. What have your experiences been with stitch fix? Are there any other questions I might could answer? If you want to check it out for yourself, click the link here and see what they have to offer. I wear many of the items from my last fix all the time and get lots of compliments. If you are looking to update your wardrobe with some outside assistance, it is a great help.   P.S. I have been brutally honest about some of my body issues and insecurities in this post and had my picture taken many times, which is small torture for me. If you ever needed proof that I love you dear readers, here it is!  ]]>

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5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix: #2”

  1. Hi Dena! You should simply go up to a comfortable size and get that purple dress! I know you found one already, but that purple one is so pretty on you. Splurge!

  2. Great idea I have never heard of. I will check it out since I absolutely hate clothes shopping and my fave outfits were on a mannequin and I just said, “I want that.” Thanks for sharing…and there is no way you could look anything other than LOVELY, which you are!

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