As you may know, I underwent one of my initiations into the world of being a writer/blogger yesterday. I had a post featured on BlogHer, a national clearinghouse of women’s blogs.

At first I was super excited. The words I so believed in were being read and shared.

And then the comments started rolling in.

Mean, disrespectful, and not even entirely on topic comments. People maligned me and argued nastily with each other.

I was heartbroken. It was my first time for all of this and I was totally unprepared. (Now I know, NEVER read the comments).

It got me to thinking. When did we lose the art of civil discourse in this nation?

My dad spent most of his life in politics. Over the years of his career, I heard him speak up and out about many things. He was not afraid to voice dissent or argue a point strongly.

But you know what I never heard? Him speaking poorly of another person. Not even his political enemies. And let me tell you, he certainly could have if he wanted to.

But he had the wisdom to know that issues are to be discussed. Not people.

What happened to the days when people from different viewpoints could argue vehemently over ideas and policy and then go buy each other a drink?

When did we lose respect for our fellow human being?

And why are women the worst at being mean and hurtful to each other?

In a world where women constantly have the short end of the stick, shouldn’t we band together and fight for our common good instead of fighting each other?

We won’t always agree, but that is no reason to tear each other down.

Lets stop being so threatened by each other and learn to work together, to support each other through it all.

The same goes for all the red and blue people in this great country of ours.

art of civility

I am reminded of Abraham Lincolns words, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Let me tell you people, I think the legs underneath us are starting to get a bit shaky.

I’ll admit to licking my wounds a little today. I have had fantasies of moving to Norway where the people are kind and the societal benefits exceptional.

But I’d rather stay here in the USA and see our country have a reawakening of civility.

Treat everyone with respect. EVERYONE. You do not know their story. You do not know their heart.

If nothing else, you’ll be able to look yourself in the mirror at night and respect yourself.

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