My favorite Advent resource

If you are a book nerd like me and love advent, have I got a resource for you!

The Advent Sourcebook  by Thomas J. O’Gorman.

My favorite Advent resource, the Advent sourcebook

It is filled with quotes from across the centuries, hymns, Scripture, and poems. It is roughly broken up by weeks and includes resources for all the major (and minor) saint days.

It was a big influence and resource for me when I wrote my own advent devotional, Lighten the Darkness.

We read out of it every year and there is so much to choose from that it never gets old.

Best of all,  there is a sourcebook for Christmastide as well so the fun keeps going. (And Lent for that matter if you love the church year as a whole as we do).

So, if you want to buy a nice gift for yourself (it is not cheap) that will keep on giving to your soul year after year this is the book for you! 


What do you think?

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