For the first time ever I am about to sit down and watch “Its a Wonderful Life.”

I know, how did I make it 41 years without seeing this movie?

But tonight, thanks to a mommy break and a showing on network TV, I will finally see what all the fuss is about.

Now there are movies that have been a part of my regular Christmas tradition.

ALWAYS Charlie Brown and the gang. One year when my kids were toddlers I actually watched “Charlie Brown Christmas” every day of December. Never got old.

Most years I laugh along to the Griswalds in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Oh Clark, how we love your sparky spirit.

A new favorite as our kids are growing up is “Elf.” So silly but so sweet. And you know how I love a good adoption story.

So, we’ll see if “Its a Wonderful Life” becomes a new tradition.

What are the movies that have become woven into the fabric of your December traditions? What makes you love them so?

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