Letting go of guilt

We all are WAY too hard on ourselves. Most of us carry heavy loads of guilt for either what we have done or what we have not been able to do.And that guilt makes us worry. That we are not doing enough. That we are not loving well enough. That well, we are just not enough. So we strive and struggle to make ourselves worthy.  But it never comes.  And it never will. For you can’t earn your worth. It is just given to you because you were created in love and are held in love. Even when the laundry piles up. Even when you strike out at work. Even when you let a love one down. We were not created to get everything so right that we would one day become good enough. We were created to be loved our Creator and to share that love. And in the end that is more than enough. So much so that the other things begins to matter less and less until they fade away. So let us all set the guilt down, shall we? We’ll leave it right here in the middle of the week. And as we go forward we will just leave that nagging worry over our worth with the guilt. My wish for you tonight friends is to know you are loved. That you bring delight and joy to your creator’s heart.  Not because of what you do, but just because you are.]]>

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