For when you forget who you are

For When You Forget Who you are are When we are in the midst of anxiety we may come to believe certain things about ourselves.   I am broken. I can’t do anything right. I am a failure.   If our anxiety has become debilitating,  we may grieve our former self and wonder who we are anymore. When we have these identity crises,  it is important that we remember our name. Let me give you a hint.   It is not broken,  fearful failure. When I forget who I am, when I can’t remember my name, I go back to Luke 3:21.  

You are my (child), my beloved. With you I am well pleased.

  These are God’s words to Jesus at the beginning of his ministry.  Before he has even done anything yet.  They are words based on relationship and not works or actions. In my heart I know these words are not just for Jesus, but for each one of us. You are my child. You are my beloved one. With you I am well pleased. These are our names.  They are given to us at our birth.  Child of God.  Beloved one.  Delight of my heart. Nothing we do in all our striving will make this more true. No mistake or inaction will take this away. It is simply who we are in our deepest being. So tonight I hope you can rest in this identity. Let it cover you like skin and run through you like lifeblood. And tomorrow come what may,  I hope you can always remember who you truly are.]]>

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