Comfort in the Psalms

Comfort for Anxiety in the Psalms Any of us who have suffered from anxiety for a while have probably developed rituals that help soothe ourselves and keep anxiety at bay. A favorite centering ritual of mine right now is reading a Psalm or two each day from Psalms for Praying: An Invitation to Wholeness by Nan C. Merrill. I find this translation particularly relevant and comforting right now as it speaks to the heart. I will share a few favorite verses below:  

from Psalm 46

“The Beloved is our refuge and our strength, a loving presence in times of trouble. Therefore we will not fear thought the earth should change, the mountains quake in the heart of the sea . . . . Be still and know that I am Love. I am exalted among the nations. I am exalted in the earth! The One who knows all hearts is with us; The Beloved is our refuge and our strength.”  

from Psalm 51

“For I keep company with fear and dwell in the house of ignorance. Yet, I was brought forth in love and love is my birthright. You have placed your truth in the inner being, therefore teach me the wisdom of the heart. Forgive all that binds me in fear that I might radiate love; cleanse me that your light might shine in me. Fill me with gladness; help me to transform weakness into strength. Look not on my past mistakes, but on the aspirations of my heart.”  

from Psalm 54

“Awaken me O Mighty One in your holy mercy, that I might be free of fear. Hear my prayer, O Holy One; give ear to the word of my mouth. For nagging doubts assail me, bringing loneliness and pain; I remember now the Beloved, so overwhelming are my fears. Yet behold, You are my helper, the upholder of my life. With you I have strength to face my fears, in your faithfulness help me to let them go.”  
These are just a few of the selections that I have read and been upheld by in recent days. If you are fans of the Psalms, you will agree there are many jewels to be had.   I’d love to know some of your favorite rituals that ease your anxiety and keep it at bay. Feel free to share them in the comments below!    ]]>

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