Celebrating St. Francis Day

My post for practicing families this week.

Practicing Families

stfranciswolfScripture: Matthew 11: 28-30


One of the most famous legends of St Francis is that of the wolf of Gubbio. In the town of Gubbio there was a wolf that was wreaking great destruction by killing and eating the livestock of the village. The villagers responded by waging war on the feared wolf. Whenever the villagers would set out to kill the wolf, the wolf would respond by attacking them. The crisis became so great that the villagers feared leaving their town and locked their children and themselves inside the town’s gate.

St Francis heard of this problem and came to help the villagers of Gubbio. He went out unarmed to speak with the feared wolf. When St. Francis encountered the wolf he called him Brother and assured the wolf that he came in peace. St Francis explained to the wolf the problems his attacks were causing in the…

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating St. Francis Day

  1. My fifth grade teacher introduced my class to this prayer. It was a precious gift. And on another note, my mother was named Frances. : )

    Hope you are better. Are you having classes yet?

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