Blog One Year Anniversary Giveaway

This week I celebrate one year of blogging here at Centering Down!

I am doing a bit of a happy dance in celebration. I think most bloggers are afraid that the words will run out somewhere along the third month. But come winter, spring, summer, and fall the words kept coming and even more miraculously, people kept reading. one year anniversary giveaway   In gratitude for the opportunity to share my words with you and to show my great appreciation for your taking the time to read and even comment on these words,  

I am holding a giveaway.

  Actually, three giveaways. The first giveaway is to say “Thank You” to current subscribers for your support of the blog over this past year.  If you are in this category, just write “Happy Anniversary” in the comments below and you will be entered to win a signed copy of my advent devotional and a $10 Amazon gift card.   The second giveaway is for any new reader that clicks the little “follow” button and subscribes to receive Centering Down by e-mail. Come Sunday I will put all the names of new subscribers in a hat and pick out a winner (who am I kidding, while I’m writing all the names down my dog will grab a slip of paper and start chewing it and that will be the winner) who will receive these lovely earrings that I picked up at She Speaks Conference. Not only are they beautiful, but they are made  by a company called Fashion and Compassion that helps women in poverty make a living wage with work they can be proud of. fashion and compassion giveaway     And finally, the last giveaway is something I’m calling “local love”. If you live in Middle Georgia and want to keep up with the Centering Down blog as well as other classes and speaking events that I am involved with in the area, like the Centering Down Facebook page. Not only will you be able to keep up with offerings that will bring balance and grace into your life happening locally, but you will also be entered to win a $10 Bare Bulb Coffee gift card. You can look for winners of the prizes in next Monday’s blog!   And again, thank you for all the support over the last year. It is my great hope that somehow this blog has been a blessing out there in the world (all the way to Indonesia?!? Are you kidding me?) I could not do this (nor would I want to) without you.  



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3 thoughts on “Blog One Year Anniversary Giveaway”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Dena! I love your blogs because they’re full of insight and much needed inspiration. Keep up the good work.

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