Stepping Out into the Deep

While I’m processing all that happened at She Speaks and the big surfing adventure (more blog posts to come on this), I thought I would share a song that seems to sum it all up for me. I had the pleasure of hearing it/singing it Saturday night during our conference worship time. It resonated deeply with me and I hope that it will speak to you also.  

Enjoy Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong.

[embed][/embed]     Wherever you may be feeling called out deeper, I hope that you find the courage to push through the fear, the strength to withstand the crashing waves, and the faith to keep your eyes on The One who lifts us up out of the water when our mortal feet fail.]]>

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1 thought on “Stepping Out into the Deep”

  1. OK, so not exactly about the ocean, but about a bison analogy. Did you know that they actually turn in toward the storm, heading into it, knowing that that is the best way to make it through? Reminds me of jumping into (or under) the wave to push through to get to the good surfing spot.

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