Communicating Crystal Clear

getting a new dog has reminded me what good communicators dogs can be. IMG_4186 We were reminded how not subtle dogs are the first night with our new boy. Not really knowing how potty trained our fella was, we set in him up in a crate next to our bed. He of course started whining. We tried to wait it out for a while assuming he would stop. About a half an hour of pitiful crying later, we put him in the baby gated closet where our other dog sleeps. Little dog promptly pawed the baby gate until he pushed it over enough that he could break free. He then make a flying leap up onto our bed (no small task for this short legged fella). After a moment of nudging and wallowing his way in between our chests, he finally let out a big sigh and went to sleep. He was so intent and clear about what he wanted, I couldn’t help but grant his request (demand?) to sleep with us. There are so many ways that our little guy makes his wants and needs known to us. Not only does he sit by his bowl when we haven’t remembered to feed him and go to the door when he needs to be let out, but he also rolls onto his back for a belly rub when we come into the room and then lays his head back so we don’t forget to scratch his chin.

Part of me can’t believe we have such a spoiled dog after only living with him for only a week’s time, but a larger part of me is impressed that he trusts us and himself enough to make his needs and wishes known so well.

clear communication

If only I could be as clear about what I may want or need at any given moment in time. When I need more rest or time to myself or even a just a hug or whatever it may be, do I make every effort to communicate that in a way that can be understood to those who can help make it happen? Or am I more likely to hope someone will read my mind or pick up on my vague hints so that I will not appear demanding or rude. But in the end is this vague communication really helpful to me and others around me?

Moreover, does it reflect that I don’t believe my needs are important? Or that I can’t trust those around me to care about my needs getting met?

In honor of my new pup, I think I’m going to try and be a bit of a better communicator. I may not be as endearing as tubby dachshund, but I will always be more likely to get what I need and want if I just take the risk of outright asking for it. Nicely if possible, but clearly. In words and actions that can be recognized and understood by others. I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe you’ll try it too? Who knows, you might even get a good chin scratchin’ from it! communicating crystal clear]]>

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4 thoughts on “Communicating Crystal Clear”

  1. I have a cat. He was a stray in need of food. Graudally he became tame. When he first came he would run when I cracked open the door, now he won’t eat unless I give him some good loving. So he needed not only food but love too. I didn’t give him a name just called him Kitty because I did not know if he would stay but we are now coming up on our second anniversary : ) Amazingly I once had a cat – Friskie who lived 12 years and died. 10 years later this little fellow shows up with the exact markings as Friskie. I consider that he may well be Friskie’s great, great, great… grandson.

  2. How wise is an animal….he knows exactly what he needs and WHEN he needs it. After a miserable day that ends with me being grumpy and snappy, I might later be wise enough to realize, through ‘forced’ mindfulness, that there was something that really triggered that miserable day that needs rethinking and readjusting in my head so that I can move beyond it. Or a pounding headache and that reminds me that I haven’t eaten yet on a particular day. Or a lonely moment that a good hug…or chin scratching…might help. I’m happy to hear that CJ is settling in nicely, Dena!

  3. Love your thoughts. God uses so many ways to communicate with us and I need to try to focus more on what he says through my dog. Sometimes she has such a need to be held and she tries so hard to get my attention…then I realize that God wants my attention too, and is patient and waiting for me to notice Him, to remember to go to Him. To feed Him with my prayers and worship… make me think, Dena.

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