I’ve finally dared to listen to the Christmas music station while driving a few times this week.  I can usually stand it for about five minutes until some song like “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” or “Silver Bells” comes on and makes me want to bang my head into the steering wheel.

But the right Christmas music, certain songs  can transform an iffy day.

Its been cloudy and grey this week where I live, so I found myself craving some mellow and soulful songs.  I pulled up the playlist with songs that I listened to while writing Lighten the Darkness last year.  Songs that I listened to well past Christmas as hearing them would transport me back into the mood and feeling of these sacred days.

So here for your listening pleasure are a couple of my favorites.  If you enjoy them, the albums they came from are both actually quite good.

Stings’s “Gabriel’s Message”


Sarah McLaclan’s “In the Bleak Mid-Winter”


Are there Christmas/Advent songs that make the season for you? Care to share them below?

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