May Grace make us New

grace make us newToday’s post is inspired by Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday prompt “Grace.”  Lisa Jo describes her Five-minute Friday link-ups thusly:  “On Friday’s we silence the inner critic. The loudest of all naysayers. And on Fridays we remind ourselves that The Word is for us and loves us and welcomes us.”  So enjoy my five minutes on grace and find lots more reflections at Lisa Jo’s site. Today we go pick up our car that got “extensively damaged” in a wreck that occurred while we were traveling on vacation three weeks ago.  At the time and since I have been surprised and overwhelmed by my reaction of anger.  As soon as I got out of our car I yelled at the woman (girl) as she was still trying to extract her Suburban and its front hook from our car while my children and I were leaving the car to seek safety on the grassy shoulder.  I tried to be sorry for yelling, but white hot anger kept coursing through my veins. In the weeks following full of rental cars, insurance calls and hassles galore, I’ve often wanted to call this woman and let her know how hard and frustrating some of our days have been.  Mostly because she walked away unscathed and we bore so much damage (though thank God none of us were hurt). But even as I want to smite her with justice, I remember how young she looked when she got out of the car and how she had a child in tow too, a small baby in fact.  I remember how she cried when I yelled at her and told me she was sorry.  Then I try to fit together her Alaska tags in a North Georgia town and how her insurance indicates military but she lives in a non-base town with her parents.  Surely there’s a story there of deployment or separation in the life of this child raising a child. I struggle to find compassion for a life that is surely broken and hard.  I remind myself that I have done stupid and hurtful things as well, especially when I was so young. Grace Makes us New As we retrace our course up these rainy roads today, I am sure I will be praying for safety.  Praying not to get into another damaging wreck.  But as I pray, maybe my words would be better spent asking for God to rain down grace with those water droplets.  So that my anger and judgement, that her brokenness and struggle would be washed away.  For apparently our car is not the only thing that needed to be made new. *  Pic insertion complete after five minutes were up.]]>

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5 thoughts on “May Grace make us New”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I know I often struggle with understanding the perspective of those who have hurt me. I love the quote and the picture that you included in this post. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. I was in an accidental June. It really does change everything while you are without the car you depend on. At least, it did for me. Sounds like you found some good perspective, that her life is probably not easy either, even if the accident itself did not cause her problems. Perhaps that was grace, too, that our Father protected her from further hardship. He apparently had another lesson in mind for you, but that is no less grace.
    Stopping by from FMF.

  3. I tend to beat myself up when I show anger at another, even if it seems justifiable. It’s a good reality check for me to remember that as I hurt others I also hurt myself! I think Jesus probably cringes a bit, too. Fortunately, as I have gotten older, I find it easier to keep my anger in check and instead say a prayer for the one I’m angry with.

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