Liebster Award: Because we all have a story to share

So what a joyful coincidence that this All Saint’s Weekend is the same weekend that I got nominated for the Liebster Award. Liebster is an award given from one blogger to another, usually passed on from one small blogger to another that has just begun to share their stories with the world.  The deal with the award is that in receiving it, you agree to pass it on to a handful of other story sharers whom you want to recognize and encourage in their blogging work.  Kind of like a blogger’s high five.  Because sending your stories out into the ether is scary sometimes and encouragement is a good thing. So, first things first.  Thanks so much to my friend Tara at I Might Need a Nap for nominating me.  Tara is a big reason I started blogging myself.  Reading her stories helped me know that the internet wasn’t already too full of women bloggers as I had feared.  She showed me that we each have our own angle and personality to share.  What she writes blesses me in a way that no other blogger can, so maybe just maybe, what I write might bless someone else as well. Tara asked me a few q’s about myself I will answer briefly.

1) What are your favorite shoes?sharing your stories My Chacos!  Hands down.  They make my feet feel so good and pain-free.  And they make me feel cooler than I really am in a granola, I might just go out and climb a mountain and then raft down a river back to the valley kind of way. 2) Soup and . . . Sandwich or Salad?  Salad.  Mainly because I went paleo and gave up bread several months back. 3) You’ve found the pot at the end of the rainbow.  You are thrilled by what is in it, but it’s not gold or money. What is it? My family. 4) What’s a word that you always have to double-check the spelling on–no matter how many times you try to remember? When I was writing my advent devotional, spell-check highlighted shephard the many. many times I wrote it.  Finally It clicked for me that it was shep-herd.  Like the person who herds the sheep. As you may have guessed, I am not a very good speller and lack a bit of common sense. 5) What is your favorite place to write and it is on a keyboard or with a pen and paper? I mostly write at my desk in the kitchen, which is fine.  However, I enjoy writing at Bare Bulb Coffee a) because I love it there and b) it feels more glamorous to write in a coffee shop instead of in the kitchen while simultaneously doing laundry and simmering soup.  And I prefer a keyboard because it is more efficient. 6) Someone is writing the story of your life.  Best title ever would be?   Herding Bi-Racial Cats. 7) Breakfast for supper–yes or no?  A big yes. Even now that I eat paleo breakfasts. 8) What makes you laugh?  My curly-headed husband and his twinkle-eyed son.  Also funny pics of cats found on the internet by the aforementioned husband and son. 9) What about you would surprise other people?  I like to listen to listen to loud dance music while driving.  Maroon 5 helps me cope with the suburban mom carpool life.  Thankfully my kids sing along instead of judging me. 10) If you could take a class from anyone in the world, living or dead, what would the class be and whom would you want to would teach it?   Oh geez . . . I’ve been really fortunate to sit at the feet of some wonderful teachers.  I loved meeting Phyllis Tickle, listening to Shane Claiborne, and worshiping with Brian McLauren at Wild Goose summer before last.  Maybe I’d go back to Wild Goose and meet Nadia Bolz-Weber and whoever else is on tap for next year.  I think everyone can teach me something of value, so this is a hard one for me to answer.
Now, to pass on the award …. Flotsam of the Mind  Cynthia is not only an intelligent writer, but also a photographer.  I love that her blog is filled with gorgeous photos, because sometimes what I need at the end of a tedious day is not more words, but a beautiful image to transcend it all. mysocalledglamorouslife  Lisa is currently participating in a “28 Days of Celebrating Thanks” link-up, so this month would be a great one to head over and be inspired toward gratitude. MommylovesMartinis  Heather writes with heart and humor about raising twin boys, one of whom has down syndrome, with her partner.  They are now also beginning the journey to be foster parents, so you know she is brave and awesome. I know this is only three bloggers and I was supposed to do ten, but these are the three blogs under 200 subscribers I know of and read.  I guess I need to start using my wordpress reader tool a bit more, eh?  I’d be glad for all you out there to recommend some more small blogs.  Okay, you three, onto your questions.  I’m going to break tradition and only give you five.  Maybe I won’t have bad blogger luck for seven years after messing with these prescribed numbers. 1)  What prompted you to start writing? 2)  Tell me about your favorite pet. 3) Salty or sweet? 4)  A genie grants you one wish.  What would it be? 5)  What has been your favorite surprise about blogging? Rules to follow:
  1. Link back and recognize the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the *five questions given to you by your nominator
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers for the award
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Notify your nominees

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