Today marks the beginning of the season of Advent, that great time of waiting and preparation for Christ’s coming and our Christmas  celebration.  In honor of the day I would like to share one of my favorite Thomas Merton poems with you.

entering advent


Charm with your stainlessness these winter nights,

Skies, and be perfect!

Fly vivider in the fiery dark, you quiet meteors,

And disappear.

You moon, be slow to go down,

This is your full!

The four white roads make off in silence

Towards the four parts of the starry universe.

Time falls like manna at the corners of the wintery earth.

We have become more humble than the rocks,

More wakeful than the patient hills.

Charm with your stainlessness these nights in Advent, holy spheres,

While minds as meek as beasts,

Stay close at home in the sweet hay;

And intellects are quieter than the flocks that feed by starlight.

Oh pour your darkness and your brightness over all

our solemn valleys,

Your skies:  and travel like the gentle Virgin,

Toward the planets’ stately setting,

O white full moon as quiet as Bethlehem!

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