As I sit here this Thanksgiving eve while iced cookies are cooling and the soon to be deviled eggs are boiling, I realize how this is a crossroads sort of moment.  Like many of you we are preparing for a big feast tomorrow with lots of family and friends involved.  Being a family of perfectionists, there have been moments of tension in our planning and preparing.  We want things to be nice and that’s okay.

But as some point, we have a choice to make.  Are we going to be perfect, or are we going to be present?

When we can’t find the right cookie cutter and run out of the fall colored sprinkles, will we huff and fuss or just roll with it, improvise, and move on?  After all, does anyone really care about how perfect the sprinkles are, or do they just want to enjoy being with the kids who made the cookies themselves?

be present not perfect

As you make your preparations for whatever Thanksgiving will look like for you, however full or empty, however well or broken, however joyful or bittersweet, I encourage you to be as present as you can in it all.  I’ll go ahead and let you know that nothing will be perfect.  Not your turkey, not your relatives, and certainly not yourself.  But even though you are not perfect, rest assured that you are still perfectly loved.  If not by those in the room with you, then by The One who brought you into being.

And that is indeed something to be thankful for.

being present not perfect

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