Finding Rest

It has been a long day in the midst of a busy week(s).  I find myself edgy with the need to blog, but lacking the energy to make it happen.  After pushing myself past the point of equanimity into irritability, I came to the harsh realization that maybe what I needed most wasn’t to cross one more thing off an endless to do list.  Maybe the most productive thing would be to step back from it all for a while and rest.

Finding Rest

So tonight if you too are limping through the middle of a hard week and wondering how you will accomplish, complete, or handle all that lies undone before you, may you too find rest.  Maybe a wise hound dog or clean washed child will come alongside you and remind you that you have indeed done enough for today.  Tomorrow will come soon enough with its busyness and demands.

Finding Rest

Until then, may your evening be peaceful and sleep be sweet.  And when the sun rises again may you be so refreshed that though you still do not have the time or energy to do it all, you at least know what can and should be done.


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