Its Who You Know

IMG_3122 No, not Sheriff Woody, the cute guy with him.  My husband and best friend for the past twenty years.  This week he is the birthday boy.  There will be no big party or fuss though.  He will go through his birthday as he does most others, by doing things that help other people.  You see this man of mine is not only a rock that keeps me centered, but he is a touchstone for hundreds of other people in our community.  People that come once a week and sit on his couch, tell their stories , cry their tears, and most importantly have someone to bear witness to their life.  Sometimes he makes interventions, sometimes gives advice, but mostly I think he just listens and passes the puffs plus and Hershey’s kisses that we buy in bulk for his office (if you ever wondered what the secret was to being a great therapist…  now you know).  When his day at the office is done, he’ll be off to run around the soccer field with my son and a hand full of his teammates (By the way they will be chasing him,  My man runs fast for an old dude :-)). So in the midst of your busy day, my birthday boy, I hope you know this.  My wish for you this year is that you would know how special and loved you are.  That you would know how grateful so many are for the gift of your life.  In the midst of all the busyness and doing for others, I pray that some of the goodness and kindness that you put into the world would come back to you.  And may you have your own good people to listen to your stories and pass you chocolate when you need it. So, this is who I’m most grateful to know and love.  Who is a blessing in your life?  Don’t forget to take time out of your week to tell how grateful you are to know them.  If you want you can even share this post as a way to say thanks. ]]>

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