Following Your Intuition

Thankfully, I’ve gotten to the place in my life where I hear this voice of intuition pretty regularly.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet mastered actually following my intuition’s advice. Take last week.  I was out in the backyard picking some of the hundreds of pears that are loading down our tree.  Yeah for me picking pears and then cooking with them!  Way to slow down and enjoy life!  In this quiet moment I had a thought come into my little brain.  I had already picked most of the pears at shoulder height and was now having to reach above my head to grab the fruit.  The little voice in my head said, “I’m not sure you should reach right overhead to grasp a pear.  Sometimes when you pick one, the others in its cluster fall down too.”  I heard the little voice of wisdom warning me, but just proceeded right ahead to reach up overhead and grab a pear. Anyone care to guess what happened right after I pulled down the pear I was so insistent on picking?  If you guessed additional pears fall down and bonk Dena right on top of her stubborn head, then you’re right!  That’s exactly what happened.  Just as my little voice said. gYlps71379702388 Once I got over whining because of how much it hurt to be hit on the head by pears, I was angry and frustrated with myself.  How like me it was to know something was a bad idea and just plunge ahead anyway.  Yet again I came to a bad end as a result of not listening to my intuition. Now getting hit on the head by a pear was not the worst fate in the world, I was really just dazed for an hour or so.  But there are other times in my life where ignoring my intuition has caused a bigger mess.  Sometimes messes that take months or years to clean up. When I think about it, maybe getting hit on the head with a pear was a bit of a gift.  The next time my little voice speaks to me and I’m tempted to press on without heading its advice, maybe I’ll remember the very physical sensation of getting bonked on my thick head. When this happens, I’ll remember to trust myself and my inner wisdom.  No matter how much I want to just get a task accomplished, no matter what resistance stands in my way.  I’m going to stop questioning and dismissing what I know in my heart to be true.  What has your intuition been telling you?  Anyone you need to remind to use their head?  Feel free to share the post with the share buttons below.]]>

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