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So I joined in the Five Minute Friday party over at Lisa Jo Baker’s site (aka Gypsy Mama).  The challenge (excuse me, opportunity) is to write on the prompt “Last” for five minutes flat without endless edits or rewrites.  The goal is to cut back on perfectionism and open up to what our heart has to say.  I like the freedom and grace of it all, so today I gave it a go.  You can head over to lisajo’s site to join in yourself. My daughter started her last year of elementary school this year.  Her last year.  Next year she will be a middle schooler and I can feel the eye rolls and huffs coming on.  It makes me stop and realize my children won’t be little forever.  Add to that my good friend’s daughter started college this week.  College.  As in move away from home kind of school.  It makes me realize that my children won’t even live at home forever. So this weekend while we are bumping around the house together with not much we have to do, I’m going to try and enjoy these moments.  To really be present in them with my family.  I want to dig into the board game playing, pokemon explaining, and occasional pre-middle school huff.  For they are here but a while and then they will be gone. But we all now the tricky part of being in the moment with those near to you is that not all moments are good.  There are the times when you get bored with hearing about the forthcoming pokemon DS game for the umpteenth time today or get frustrated that they are bickering again.  But even this is the good stuff that I will miss one day. So bring on the weekend with all the good, bad and otherwise that it may hold.  And may you get the opportunity to be present with ones you love as well.  Try to soak up each moment for all its worth.]]>

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  1. It sure does Dena. I remember those mornings of taking Melanie to Central Fellowship on the way to work. I thought it would be so wonderful when she could drive but as it turned out,,,It happened before I was ready for it too and I sure missed those times when we could visit in the quiet of the ride, just the two of us,,,,even though we were running late most mornings. Wow,,,I wish I could turn back the pages of time and visit those days again. Enjoy those precious children of yours,,,,within a flash, they will be gone. I am so thankful God gives us memories, good and bad,,as we journey through life moving toward Him.

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